New from Godslayer – A trooper booster for Ironhide Brutes

A new booster set to add to the Troglodytes Ironhide Brutes core unit.

Ironhide Brutes use the traditional weapon of the Troglodyte warriors – the morning star – with their other hand they use a shield of thick leather for defensive blows and offensive smack downs on their enemies. Their morning-stars have the advantage that enemy shields are little defense against them, since the ball swings over or around the shield to smash the opponent. So heavy are the blows that enemies are knocked down from them.

The Trooper Booster contains 2 new additional 45mm trooper miniatures which are only available in this product (not as part of the starter-box or Ironhide Brutes core-unit box).

Use these new sculpts to add more variety to your units of Ironhide Brutes.

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